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  • Tips and Tricks for your iPhone! Smartphone Nirvana is dedicated to iPhone photography tips, including video reviews of top iPhone apps like Instagram. But we also include over 60 simple tutorial videos that reveal iPhone secrets, such as how to change colors of icons on iOS 7, get better reception, or how to pair up a bluetooth, set up alarm, and using the maps and traffic. Smartphone Nirvana is a college for your iPhone knowledge... free!
  • All about the latest Drone how-to guides, and Tips and Tricks about the drones used in aerial videos and photography...
  • Stay updated daily with the world of tech news; brought to you by AppleInsider!
  • How to use the iPhone X camera, full tutorial with the latest tips and tricks... new lens, the new aperture, the new mind-bending built-in special effects... the new iPhone X camera is out of this world!
  • A brand new creation! See the latest info on the hottest new product -- The new Apple Watch 3 with cellular...
  • Video tutorials and guides covering the new iPad Pro 2 with 9.7 inch screen...
  • The unveiling of the mega productive iPad Pro!
  • Finally a simple explanation on how to best use the iPhone 6 Maps, Traffic and GPS! Check out the turn-by-turn voice navigation, various search tips and the amazing 3D aerial tours. Merlin Dean of Smartphone Nirvana will show you how...
  • Using Google Maps, Merlin Dean of Smartphone Nirvana shares some very cool traffic tips available on your iPhone. Including turn-by-turn navigation advice and street view photos as well!
  • See how to set up and use the new Apple Radio. Merlin Dean of Smartphone Nirvana walks you thru every step to begin enjoying your favorite music!
  • Excellent visual Tips and Tricks for iPhone photographers!
  • The left side of each page on this site; that is where you'll find the Smartphone Nirvana how-to video guides and articles. Your host Merlin Dean reveals all the answers to over 27 iPhone secrets, making it the easiest place to find iPhone help!
  • Everything about the Apple iCloud system is easily explained, proving that every cloud has a silver lining.
  • Most people don't utilize the full potential of Siri because they don't know what to ask her. In this video, you will be given fifty examples of how easy it is to have any conversation with the world's best Personal Assistant -- Siri!
  • Siri will read articles for you? Yes! The iPhone Auto Speak feature is an unknown secret! Watch this video to learn the settings to make on your iPhone. The next thing you know, Sirir reads out loud anyything you highlight!
  • Never, ever burn your dinner or get another parking ticket again! Merlin Dean of reveals iPhone secrets for the iPhone clock, alerts and alarm. Your iPhone alerts will save you!
  • Read the latest info on how to save serious money with your iPhone carrier.
  • This article by Merlin Dean explores the differences between the new shared data plans being offerred by AT&T and Verizon.
  • Compare the costs of owning an iPhone or Android smartphone using prepaid, or pay-as-you-go plans. Compared to the traditional plans offered by the major carriers, your savings can be substamtial.
  • Very important tips to know if you lose your iPhone while still under contract with your carrier. Once you get over the shock that you will NOT receive another replacemet iPhone at the same price as last time, then read what your options are...
  • The most hilarious stunts you can pull on family and friends who own iPhones!
  • Adobe Photoshop Express has a huge variety of cool borders included with its color filters. See how easy it is to use with this excellent how-to video by your Smartphone Nirvana host, Merlin Dean...
  • Learn to draw and write like a pro watching video tutorials using the Apple Pencil...
  • Merlin Dean of takes out new Beats wireless blutooth headphones and walks you thru every step of the pairing process! Pair up, turn it up, and enjoy at least 45 feet of Beats Bluetooth Wirelss roaming range...
  • Merlin Dean shows you how to set up a Plantronics and Motorola bluetooth to an iPhone 4.
  • When you're in the middle of a business meeting, the last thing you need is for an embarrassing text to pop up. Here's how you can avoid the interruptions, while still retaining the texts for later.
  • Many iPhone users want to know if they can change the colors of their new iPhone backgrounds and icons. The answer is yes!
  • Color Splash is a legendary iPhone photo app. Quickly and easily transform your iphone or android photos into black and white, while keeping specific areas in color to add dramatic effect.
  • Camera Plus has more color enhanced filters and borders than anybody. Check out this simple to use video and you'll be looking like an iPhone photo pro instatntly!
  • Whenever you see anything important, interesting or funny, use the copy & paste function on your iPhone notebook, texts, or emails.
  • The best in iPhone entertainment - when you're done watching the iPhone tips & tricks video, then check out the hilarious iPhone jokes, pranks and gags on the Comedy page of
  • An entire iPhone Organizer in the palm of your hand. Incredibly easy to use Calendar on the iPhone 4.
  • Protect your investment. Be original and smart at the same time -- check out this amazing selection of iPhone 4 cases.
  • In this video, Merlin demonstrates how to download apps fro iTunes on your iPhone.
  • See whats up in the world of DJing, scracthin', slicin and dicin' those round things called records... on iPhones? Watch and see the demo...
  • Free Video on how to set-up your various email accounts on your iPhone.
  • Unlock the secret on how to improve cellphone reception on your iPhone!
  • Finally someone comes along and teaches Final Cut Pro video editing in a simple, cohesive manner... easy for beginners or experienced... thank you for consolidating the pool of knowledge from Smartphone Nirvana...
  • Good News -- Apple has made the Find My iPhone App available for free.
  • Great gift for the guitarist friend of yours. See what your iPhone can do when playing a legendary guitar riff...
  • The latest and the greatest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus videos out to get you the info you need right now!
  • Hands on first impressions anout the iPhone 6 Plus!
  • Learn how to use the worlds most popular photo app -- Instagram! See why thousands of iPhone photographers made this YouTube video a number one favorite...
  • Get out a credit card, because you have to open an iTunes account before you can start using the App Store on your iPhone. Get ready to assemble your media empire of the arts.
  • MPLS and Ethernet services are always needed in todays businesses whether large or small... gets you the lowest prices with free consultations...
  • Funny and creative photo tricks that can be used without any computer special effects... All you have to do is manipulate the depth of field, and realign your optics... the results are amazing!
  • DMD Panorama is an amazing wide-angle photo app that brings an entire landscape into one shot. This video must be seen to be believed -- it's so simple yet powerful!
  • Using any panoramic (Pano) app, Merlin Dean reveals how you can perform a clever photo trick...
  • The coolest free iPhone photo app that organizes various pics into an assortment of frames. Add color backgrouns, cropping, and even text!
  • Learn piano the iPhone way...
  • Iphone maintenance is crucial. Merlin explains in this video how to maintain your iPhone to ensure optimum performance.
  • Watch these videos and learn how easy it is to have a private virtual assistant named Siri!
  • Iphone security means protection. Putting a security passcode on your precious new iPhone is an absolute MUST -- stop what you are doing and watch this video. Protect your iPhone personal info once and for all.
  • Tips on how to get the best out of self-portraits, or self-pics while using either the iPhone or Android smartphones...
  • How to make money using the iPhone! Merlin Dean of Smartphone Nirvana shows how to access stocks, charts and articles, available free with the iPhone Stocks App...
  • Ever heard of the iPhone "Triple-Click Trick?" Here's a few iPhone tips & tricks that will impress your friends, and yourself! Have you ever had a problem seeing your iPhone in the bright sunlight? Your host Merlin Dean shows you the secret solution...
  • Who needs to talk on their iPhone any more? Everyone texts on thier iPhones now. In this video, Merlin demonstrates texting shortcuts such as sending pictures and videos, intuitive wording, speech recognition, all iPhone style.
  • Frustrated by a constant voicemail window coming up? The iPhone has an excellent Visual Voicemail tool. In this video, Merlin will show the average person how to reset your voicemail password by actually calling AT&T live while filming.
  • What is Wi-Fi, and how do you set it up in your iPhone? Merlin shows you how in this free video.
  • Data savings... Very few people know that there is a hidden feature on every iPhone running iOS 9 -- its called "Wi-Fi Assist"... and it could be the reason you're paying huge data overages. Watch Merlin Dean of Smartphone Nirvana show you how to turn it off and maybe even reduce your data plan and phone bill!
  • Probably the first thing you do when you get out of bed -- check the weather so you know what to wear. Merlin checks out the Weather App on the iPhone 4.
  • Smartphone Nirvana is all about the iPhone world.
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