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How to Punk a Friends' iPhone

by Merlin Dean

image - couples enjoying their iphones


Here's a good prank idea to pull on someone - next time you're at a restaurant and you have a friend with an iPhone nearby, coax him or her with a diversion, or maybe while they use the restroom while you sit there at the table.

Once they leave, take their iPhone before it goes to passcode. Go to Clock, then Timer... this decides when a loud sound effect will be going off at a future time of your choosing.

Scroll the timer to set the clock alarm to go off later, maybe 5 minutes if you want to witness it, or preferably 30-40 minutes later, when you know he or she is headed back to the office... or somewhere public.

Choose the most annoying sound effect possible under When Timer Ends.

Standard effects that are irritating include: Bark, Duck, Sci-Fi, Trill and Time Passing.

Out of nowhere, even in an elevator, their iPhone will rip into the most shrill sound effect possible. Very embarrassing.

I know. It happened to me. My iPhone was set-up by a friend to go off in 30 minutes to the loud and obnoxious Sci-Fi sound effect.

Needless to say, there I was at a crowded car wash, everyone sitting around waiting, when they hear what sounds like the landing of an alien spacecraft.

Everyone looked around. Even I looked around. Everyone looked at each other to see who would have such a stupid, lame, immature ringtone on their iPhone.

Of course, everyone ended up staring at me.

As the sci-fi sound effects went on from my iPhone, I realized too late, that I got punked by my old buddy a half hour earlier back at the restaurant. He was already laughing when I called him to confirm his dirty deed worked at my expense...

Since then, I have repeated this countless times to those I love.

Merlin Dean is a tech geek and founder of Smartphone Nirvana.

© Poole of Knowledge - September 2014

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