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What is an Exception Upgrade?

Important Tip if You Lose Your iPhone While Still Under Contract

by Merlin Dean

image - girl using her iphoneHas your iPhone or Android smartphone ever been lost or stolen?

For most people, its not a matter of if but when. So if  you do lose it, the quick question is "So now what?"

You can:

A) Buy a used iPhone on Craiglist or Ebay for around $150-$450 for a used iPhone 4S or iPhone 5...

If it's "Unlocked" to work on T-Mobile, it might cost a little more.

B) Buy a brand new iPhone, with No Contract $699-$799 plus tax.

One solution is to do as the Europeans often do, pay full retail price and "Unlock" a smartphone so it'll work on different networks around the world.

For example, an Unlocked AT&T phone would also work with T-Mobile since AT&T and T-Mobile both use sim cards.

There are plenty of Cell Phone Data Shops around that will Unlock your iPhone for cheap, around $25 or less for a 3GS, and $70-80 for an iPhone 4.

But be warned: Unlocking the iPhone voids the warranty from Apple, so buy a good protective case and protect it!

Without an Early Exception Upgrade discount, you must pay the market price.

An Early Exception Upgrade is when you are normally 6 months or more into your current contract, and you lose or break your iPhone.

Since you have not finished the 2 year Contract yet, AT&T will sometimes give you an adjusted discount.

It depends on your payment history and general good status with the company.

Remember, the original retail price for the 16GB iPhone 5 is $700 -- but you only paid $199. That discount price you got from AT&T is good only once every two years.

Thanks to an Exception Upgrade, another 16GB iPhone 5 would be in the $400-$499 range.

Compare that to the full retail replacement cost of $700+ for a new iPhone...

Author Merlin Dean is a writer, video producer, and all-around tech nerd...

© Merlin Dean, September 2012


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