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How to use the iPhone Weather App





What's the first App you use to start the day?

The Weather App of course! 

by Merlin Dean

You need to decide on what to wear, and that depends on the weather, so let's get started...

On the main screen of the iPhone, look for the icon that shows a little bright sun with blue sky behind it. That's the Weather App.

Tap and you will most likely see an example city set up from Apple: Cupertino (their headquarters)

Here is how to add your own list of cities:

'i' - On the bottom right of the page, tap the little white circular icon that has the 'i' letter.

This brings up a window with the keyboard ready; type in any city and state, and you should see sample cities appear.

Tap the city that gives the best match, and you're on your way to the next page...

This page has red circles for Deleting any city from the list.

On the right side of the screen you will see small groups of parallel lines.

Hold your finger over one of those groups, and you can drag and drop any city into a different order on the list.

This displays the City's weather for the entire week.

Hi's and Low's, with visuals. Easy and straight to the point.

It becomes your own personalized, custom global weather channel. Any time, any day. 

Merlin Dean is the host of Smartphone

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