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Set up the  Voicemail Password

on iPhone



  How to Reset the iPhone Voicemail Passcode

by Merlin Dean 


You don't know why -- but you keep getting an annoying window popping up asking for your voicemail password. So let's get rid of it once and for all...

Go tap the Phone icon as if to make a call.

Bring up the phone Keyboard.

Press and HOLD the number 1 for about three (3) seconds; it automatically dials the Voicemail Dept from AT&T.

Wait and listen for the female automated voice. Once prompted, press 2 for Administrative Options.

Press 1 to Set a New Passcode

Think of four numbers you will never forget; put the 4 numbers in and press the # pound sign.

Press 3 to decide on the style of your greeting.

The Default Greeting has an automated voice that says you are unavailable.

Or if you prefer, you can choose and record your own Custom Greeting, pressing # pound sign when you are done.

You will be asked one last time for your new passcode. Put in the 4 numbers again, for the last time, and you will be free!

All your voicemails will show up simultaneously, where you can scroll up or down to your preferred order. 

Tap on a name or number and you will hear their recorded message, in the order you choose. 

Merlin Dean is the host of Smartphone

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