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iPhone Texting Tips

#1 on YouTube! iPhone Texting guide



iPhone Texting Tips


Older iPhone iOS layouts...


iPhone Texting Tips

by Merlin Dean



From the main screen, tap the green "Messages" icon, (a small white balloon-shaped dialogue symbol inside).

Edit - Tap this box, and a series of red 'delete' circles appear, next to each name or number that you would like to delete. 

First tap the red circle, then a red delete box appears to ask for your final confirmation tap.

Write New Text - in the upper right corner, you will see a symbol / icon of a little square paper with a pencil on it. Tap that and it will bring up the keyboard in traditional mode.

Turn the iPhone sideways in your hands, and you will see the keyboard get twice as wide with the landscape mode. Turn the iPhone back, and keyboard gets thin again.

New Message - (After the word 'To') is where you put either the phone number or the name of the person you are sending a text to.

+ = Group Texting; Tap the little blue + sign, and you can send the same text to an entire Group! Wow Mom! Hi Dad! 

Send - Next to the Camera icon, you see a window, then the blue Send button.

Camera icon - Tap this and the Genius of Apple becomes evident.

Take Photo or Video - Tap this to take a new picture or video - it automatically goes into Camera Mode for you.

Choose Existing - Use this to send a photo / video of something you already shot.

This brings up your entire media library. Choose the photo / video you want to send, and tap it.

Cancel or Choose - Tap blue 'Choose' box to place photo into text window, ready for your added comments.

Your chosen Photo / Video should now show up in your text window.

(For a step-by-step demo, see the Copy & Paste video on

Tap anywhere in the window area, and the keyboard is there for any added comments you write for your media message.

It is highly recommended you get Unlimited Texting in your plan, otherwise sending files this big will eat up small plans and cost you $.

Merlin Dean is the host of Smartphone

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