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The iPhone Stocks and Financials App  




Stocks, Charts & Research App

by Merlin Dean

The free App that helps you keep track of your investments. 

On the home screen, look for a blue Stocks icon with a zig-zag line. Find & tap.

You will taken to a screen with some preloaded stock examples, such as (aapl) Apple.

Bypass that for now, and look at the bottom-right corner of the page, for the white circular icon that has a small letter "i" in it.

Tap the "i" to be given choices.

The next page offers you a list of all your stocks from different companies.

To Add a stock to the list, tap the "+" 'add' symbol.

That brings up the keyboard and a window for you to type in the ticker symbol for whatever company you are interested in possibly researching.

From the list that comes up, find the best match and tap that stock.

It will be added to your custom stock list.

To delete, tap any of the red circles you see on the left.

To move their order, hold your finger over the parallel lines on the right of the screen, then drag and drop, up or down.

Tap Done when ready to finish.

You now see your custom list of stocks with a chart on the bottom of the page.


Every time you tap to highlight a stock, the chart for that stock appears on the bottom of the screen.

Hold your finger over the chart itself, and swipe left.

You will see a hidden Research gem; article after article describing your stock -- written by the best financial Gurus in the business.

One tap, and you are connected to the best investment websites, such as Barron's, Motley Fool, and Investors Business Daily -- without subscription fees! Unbelievable value.

Using your finger again, swipe the page, and you will see vital stats, such as P/E Ratios and 52 week highs and lows.

Turn and hold the iPhone sideways (horizontally) and you will see the charts magnify in size.

Tap 1d(Day), or 1w(week), or 3m(3 months) etc. to see the charts and the stocks' past performance.

Hold your finger anywhere over the horizontal chart screen itself, and you will see the actual closing stock price for that particular day.

Not bad for a free app, and unlimited use...


Merlin Dean is the host of Smartphone

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