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Shared Data Plans: 

Are they worth it?


If you find yourself using multiple devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops, then you might want to consider Shared Data Plans



by Merlin Dean -


image - smartphonesOkay so now AT&T and Verizon have come out and announced the details of their respective “Shared Data Plans”.


Up to 10 different devices, from your kids iPhones and Androids and iPads and laptops, can now be share from an entire bucket of data. It’s also easier to manage everyone’s billing if it’s all together in one bill, rather than than trying to keep track of all the different plans available.


Let’s take a look at the two plans from AT&T and Verizon: with AT&T Mobile Share plans, each plan includes unlimited calling (domestic) and unlimited texting for smartphones and the more basic “messaging” phones that teenagers use.


Other details about AT&T’s plan:


Must have at least one smartphone on the Data Account.


Unlimited Talk is between mobile-to-mobile of anyone within the nationwide network. Unlimited text messaging services include sending photos and videos.


Prices begin $40 for 1 GB of Data, and goes up to as high as $200 for 20 GB of Data. If you go over your limit, it costs an extra $15 per 1 GB.


AT&T’s plan jumps from 1 GB for $40, to $70 for 4 GB, then to $90 for 6 GB, $120 for 1o GB, $160 for 15 GB, and $200 for 20 GB data.




Verizon offers a plan that so far has not been offered at AT&T; and that is Verizon’s 2 GB plan at a comfortable $60.


Both companies start with 1 GB for their shared plans. Verizon is $50 a month for 1 GB (remember up to 10 devices). At&T charges $40 for 1 GB. The next one up is the 4 GB level, which is $70 for AT&T, and $70 for Verizon’s 4 GB plan.


So for example, if a family has 2 smartphones like an iPhone or Android, a basic texting phone and an iPad, they would cost the same at each respective companies: AT&T and Verizon both charge $ $190 for the entire montly package using that specific example. Yours may vary of course..


Both AT&T and Verizon charge $30 monthly fee for smartphones and feature phones, while tablets are $10 monthly.


Shared data plans are recommended for families of 3 or more that use more than average time on their tablets, smartphones and feature phones.  If you’re a cost-conscious single person or student, then you might want to stay with the traditional data plan. Or you can always save money by using a prepaid plan, which each network carries now for smartphones as well as messaging phones.


You can still get Unlimited Data plans at Sprint and T-Mobile, though download speeds and performance may vary.


Both AT&T and Verizon have a calculator tool on their websites that assist you in figuring out what your fees would be. Compare all the past bills for the last year and get an idea of your averages. That number and data usage info will give you an idea for where to start.


Have fun pooling all those fun videos, pictures and games!


Merlin Dean is a tech-geek who hosts everything iPhone at





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