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Poole of Knowledge Publishing

is named after our Consultants: 

 Chuck & Margarite Poole

Otherwise known as Mom and Dad

They are our wonderful, salt-of-the-earth, beautiful parents. And they remind me if the site is too pretentious or full of techno babble; therefore without their blessings, I would not be successful. Thanks to Mom & Pops.


   Chuck Poole     Margarite Poole


    Mom n Dad Together 

 We Love You Two 


I was raised as Merlin Dean Poole, but once I became a club DJ in my early days, I used the stage name Merlin Dean, and it stuck ever since.

Here is a quick take on my prior history: in addition to my Communications background at AT&T, I have a few years of experience in the music industry, professional photography, and website design. 


                             animated image of Merlin Dean -


With my other company Eagleview Aerial Photography, I spent over 12 years shooting aerial photos from a helicopter for the real estate and entertainment industry in Los Angeles, so I was able to learn the nuances of digital photography firsthand.

By night, I had the time of my life in the music business as a nightclub DJ, with my company Retro Motion Productions. That culminated with over 17 years experience.

I was fortunate enough to spin dance mixes at some of the most legendary clubs in L.A. history; such as The Red Onion, Bar One Beverly Hills, Aftershock Studio City, Live Bait, Australian Beach Club, Fred's Cafe, Golden Bear, Moose's, almost 30 clubs & restaurants total, covering almost two decades worth of music. 

I retired DJ'ing after I got married, chilled out with Aerial Photography, and became a happy Dad. My boy JD will probably be mixing the latest dance tunes around the year 2023.

People always ask me if Merlin is my real name, and it is. They think I became a DJ and changed it. But in a way, I became a DJ because I already had the name.

The money was good enough to put me through college at Orange Coast and Long Beach State, where I studied Radio/TV/Film, and then UCLA, where I studied Writing & Producing.

Website Design started in 2007 with Poole of Knowledge Publishing.

The combination of that educational background, and life experiences, made me really appreciate how originator Steve Jobs enabled the iPhone to merge all of the Arts and Communications worlds together; Music - Video - Photo - Audio - Internet - and Smartphone -- all combined into one device? Absolutely brilliant.

It motivated me to create video shorts and write articles at Smartphone, so we could show the world how to enjoy such an amazing smartphone. 

At Poole of Knowledge Publishing and our growing list of web properties, we are focused on one thing -- the convergence of complex technical language into something made simple. Quickly, easily, and free.


Questions, Comments?



 2011 Poole of Knowledge Publishing





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My mother had no idea how to use her iPhone -- until I sent her to your website. Now she sends me texts and emails of the most hilarious photos every day, I love it! Thank You Merlin!

Brenda Wilson

Thanks again Merlin, your videos have taught me more about my new iPhone than I ever thought possible. Well done my friend!

Mitch Carter
Art Director
Whether it's the Tips & Tricks, or the Traffic Maps, or just how to set up the Alarm -- I really enjoyed the easy-to-follow video tutorials as well as the articles. You've got every iPhone secret revealed under one website. Great job!
Scott Dempsey
Sales VP



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