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 How to Set up your iPhone Security Passcode



 Important --

Set Up a Passcode for Your iPhone Now!

by Merlin Dean 


If it wasn't bad enough that you got your iPhone lost or stolen -- but you forgot to put in a passcode?

Now the thieves turn on their new prize possession, and they see everything about you.

All your personal stuff; your banking, phone book, addresses, pictures -- in the hands of someone else -- it's your worst fear realized.

Having your iPhone passcode protected doesn't stop the thief from getting to use the iPhone; they just take out and trash your old sim card and replace it with their own (if it's AT&T).

Note: For detailed information on locating your lost iPhone, then click on How to Find a Lost iPhone 

First thing to do is call your phone company and report it stolen, so they can keep it from being used to make calls.

You don't have to change your phone number, you just need a new sim card for your replacement smartphone (for AT&T).

For AT&T either dial 611 or call 1-800-331-0500.

So let's be proactive and secure your vital info right now.

You probably won't get your iPhone back, but at least your security will be protected.

Let's get started...

Go to Settings (tool gear icon).

Tap General

Go down six lines to Auto-Lock

For Auto-Lock, pick an interval time between  1-5 minutes; this decides how long after you set down your iphone that it will lock itself.

Generally 3 minutes is good. Go back to prior page by tapping the General back arrow.

Go down about seven lines, tap Passcode Lock.

Now you will pick your new passcode; four (4) numbers that you will never forget, such as the last four of your social security number.

Enter the 4 Passcode numbers twice to confirm.

Go back to your main page, and you are done!

Your iPhone is officially passcode protected. Now don't lose it!

Merlin Dean is the host of Smartphone

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