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Google Maps for iPhone 


How to use Google Maps App on iPhone


Look on the main screen of your iPhone for the app icon that has a picture of a MAP with the word Google under it.

Tap the MAP icon, and you will be taken to a picture of the Globe from Google Earth.

On the bottom left corner of the picture, you will see the GPS "ARROW" icon.

Tap the GPS icon and it will zoom in from space, right into where you are, and a blue pulsating bulb will appear.

Even when your'e walking or driving, the blue GPS light follows you.

Tap on the blue bulb itself. It should bring up two more little icons, the one on the left with a head & shoulders look.

Tap on that and you will see a "street view" of wherever you are. This is especially useful when looking up new places.

Now look down at the bottom of the screen again, to the bottom right this time. You should see an icon that looks like a paper being peeled back. Tap that.

That takes you to a page where you turn the Traffic on, look at Satellite views, Map views, or both under Hybrid. The List is for repeated places you want to save.

Turn the Traffic mode ON.

Tap the Page bender logo again (bottom right) and you will be taken back to the main Map page again.

As shown in the video, you should see the Traffic being separated by Green (good) Yellow (slow) and Red (bumper-to-bumper).

In my humble opinion, this one feature is worth the price of the Data Plan each month.

Now lets find a place you might need directions to... at the top of the Map screen, you will see a window that says "Search or Address" in it.

Tap that and the Keyboard will come up, so you can type in any address, or just a keyword like "sushi".

Once you put in the address or word, then tap the blue icon that says "Search" on the bottom right corner...

A red Pin will drop from the sky, right over the pinpointed address you were searching for.

Tap on the Blue circle that's right next to the pin, and you will be given info like the phone number or website address.

Scroll down from there and you will see the "Directons To Here" options.

Tap on the "Directions to", and the next page will say "Route" on the bottom right (blue icon).

When you tap Route, you will be shown turn-by-turn how to get to your intended target.

Tap Start in the Upper Right, and you will zoom into step one -- from there, each time you tap the arrows, you will be shown every turn to make on every street.

It even tells you how long it should take with traffic -- whether on foot, a bus, or car!

To get out of this mode and get back to the Map screen, simply tap the Search window again (next to Directions) and you will have a fresh start.

I always tell people to search places like your old childhood home, or London or Paris, tap the Street View, and take a walk along a Paris street... it's not live, but even if it is a few years old, it's always interesting to see what's out there.

Before you even leave the home or office, always check out your Maps / Traffic App and plan out your exit strategy.

It can save you hours of frustration later. And isn't that why we love our iphones, because they make life a little easier...

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