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 How to Set Up Emails on your iPhone  



iPhone Email Setup

What if you want to add other email addresses too? This short video will show you how...

by Merlin Dean 


From the main screen, tap the icon that says "Mail" underneath. On most iPhones out of the box, the Mail icon is at the bottom of the iphone desktop page.

Right next to the phone link, you should tap Mail.

Next you will see the names of most of the biggest internet providers; such as AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, and Microsoft Exchange.

Hotmail, Earthlink and the more obscure should go thru the "Other" link...

The next page is the new Account page.

Tap your finger in the "Name" segment, and the keyboard should come up.

Type in your first and last name.

Next tap the Address line; this is for your full email address, exactly as you give it out to others, with the .com at the end.

The Password is the same one used for that particular email account. This is case sensitive, so use the "up" arrow on the keyboard for capital letters.

If you have any problems remembering your passcode, then contact your carrier, such as Yahoo or AOL customer service. They will send you a reminder.

The Description line is meaningless, write in anything.

Lastly, go to the top right, and tap Save.

If you see a lot of check marks after about 30 seconds, good news. It will take you to your emails automatically, just sit and watch.

Once all your emails appear, you will be able to scroll, tap and read. Enjoy!

You can add up to ten different email accounts to your iPhone.

To add additional accounts, go to Settings.

Then Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

Second line down, tap Add Account. You will recognize the repeat process, just enter your new email information, and you are on your way...

Merlin Dean is the host of Smartphone

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