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  How to Download Apps on the iPhone 



How to Download iPhone Apps

by Merlin Dean

If you need help starting an iTunes Account, then for training purposes click here: Open iTunes Account

In this video, Merlin demonstrates how to Search for and download a specific App called "Smacktalk!".

Smacktalk! is a popular App featuring animals that repeat and mimick everything you say.

It's a big hit at parties for girls that can't stop giggling, and after a few drinks the slurred words will leave you with laugh spasms. 

So lets go:

From your iPhone main screen, find & tap the blue icon that says "App Store".

Now let's look at the bottom of the screen, where you should see five (5) different icons:

Featured - Categories - Top 25 - Search - Updates

Featured - Tap this and you will be taken to a page displaying three options on the top:

New - The latest and the greatest in App offerings, with the free and paid apps mingled together. Tap on anything that interests you for more information and customer reviews.

What's Hot - This list changes daily, showing the most popular according to the fans.

Genius - based on your prior tastes in Apps, Genius studies your own App purchase history, then goes out and finds other Apps that enhance what you are already interested in. Very cool suggestions, with Free Apps among the list.

Categories - Basically it's the Table of Contents. Tap any category, and you will be given three amazing choices:

Top Paid - these are considered the best of the best for obvious reasons.

Top Free - a proposition too hard to resist. Try your favorites out for a few days or weeks or months before you buy.

Release Date - the latest Apps in alphabetical order

Next: Go up the screen and tap the Back button

Now you should be back on the main Categories page again. You can spend hours looking at the sensational Top Paid and Top Free apps available.

Search - Tap this and you will see a Search window come up.

Tap inside the window to bring up the keyboard.

Type in any app name; for this example type in: Smacktalk!

You will see alot of copycat versions, some paid and some free. Tap the original Smacktalk!

You will be taken to a description page that explains all the details of that particular game / app.

Scroll to the bottom, and then scroll right, and you will see sample photos of the actual app in action.

Under the photo section, make sure you tap and read some of the Ratings available.

Five Stars is the best rating possible, and these customers don't hold back -- if they dislike something they will tell you. An excellent resource for unbiased opinions.

Scroll back up to the top right corner of the screen, and if you decide to download, then tap the "Price Box".

Buy Now box appears. Tap again

Your iTunes Password request will come up, as well as an Install request.

Tap Install, and you will see the app download in usually 5-60 seconds, depending on wi-fi and 3G availability.

A graphic thin blue line fills up under the icon, and when finished, ready for you to tap and enjoy!

Merlin Dean is the host of Smartphone

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