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How to Copy and Send Photos, Videos & Texts on your iPhone 




Copy and Send Texts, Emails & Photos on your iPhone

by Merlin Dean 

Many times you will get an important text or email that you need to save for your records, or forward to someone else.

Or you will read something that is so cool that you wish you could save it in your iPhone Notebook.

Well now you can learn how easy it is. Let's start by showing you how to copy and paste part of a Yahoo! story.

From the main iPhone screen, tap the Safari icon (blue with a compass logo).

Safari brings up the internet, so for this example tap the Search window and type in

Once the main page loads, just pick any story for practice purposes.

Just simply hold your finger down over the first letter of whatever paragraph or sentence you want to copy.

Hold your finger for a couple seconds, then let go.

Once you let go of your finger from the screen, you should see a small blue box that says Copy.

Under the word Copy, you should see a little transparent blue Highlight, with touch spots on each corner.

Touch and hold the a corner of the Highlight, and as you move, it covers more and more of the story text.

Be aware of Copyright Laws and limitations regarding photos and books, etc.

After you have decided what part to paste, then tap the Copy box once again, and it disappears -- ready to Paste anywhere you choose.

Go back to the Main screen again by pressing the black Main Home button on the bottom of your iPhone.

Find and tap the Notes icon, it's the one with yellow notebook paper.

Once in the Notes icon, go to top right corner and tap the "add" (+) sign.

A new blank notes page appears, ready to receive your command.

Simply hold your finger down for a few seconds anywhere in Notes, and then release your finger.

Once you lift your finger, you should see a black box saying Paste come up.

Tap Paste, and the whole story or selected text, or photo, will paste over to your Notes for future reference.

If you need to copy something else to send to a text, or email, then repeat the process.

Wherever you hold your finger down after Copying, is where the Paste takes effect.

          Merlin Dean is the host of Smartphone

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