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How to use the iPhone Calendar app



The iPhone Calendar

by Merlin Dean


Are we in 2015? What day is it? Who am I?

All these deep questions can be answered once you wake up and organize your life with the Calendar / Organizer / Appointment book for your iPhone.

Find & tap the icon that shows the current day and date on it. For those of you who are feeling a little slow today, look for the word CALENDAR under the date & time icon and that should help you find it.

The bottom of the next screen should show the following:

Today - Tap this to get back to today's agenda after you're done writing notes on other days.

List - Scroll up or down to see your past & future appointments. Excellent tool for record-keeping.

Day - Appointment Book with hourly schedule & detailed notes available for each day.

Month - Shows the whole month in one shot, with the current date highlighted for you. If you see a dot on any day, it's because you have an appointment or notes written specifically for that time.

+ To Add an Appointment to any List, Day or Month, then simply tap the 'add' (+) symbol in the Upper Right corner of the screen.

Next you will see a page with windows, giving you the following options:

Title / Location - Tap this and the keyboard comes up, waiting for you to type the name and location of the appointment or event. Tap the Location line to write on it, or use Return.

Tap Done in upper right corner of page to go back.

Starts / Ends - Tap anywhere in that window, and you will be taken to an ingenious time wheel.

Roll your finger over it like a slot machine, and set the time your planned event starts.

Tap next line that says Ends and enter the time, otherwise it will automatically give it a 1 hour allotment for you. Make sure you note AM or PM.

All-day - Turn that on, and the top of the page there will be an all-day reminder. When you're done, look for the uh... Done button.

Tap dat.

Back to the page that offers:

Repeat - How often do you wanna be reminded of that upcoming day? This tells your iPhone to add this info for you every day, week, or month ahead of whatever event you have planned. Tap the Done box.

Alert - Very cool. It beeps, it chimes, you choose from 5 minutes to a couple hours to be reminded; the alerts come just in time to keep you synced. And psyched. Tap Done.

Calendar - Tap your choice to be reminded additionally from other email addresses such as Gmail or Yahoo! Tap Done.

Notes - Note the Notes. Know the notes. Use the notes (who wrote this stuff?)

Write the little things you want to note here and they show up in a nice minimized text, under the title of every planned event. Well worth using.

Now your once hectic, out-of-control life is settled, planned, and serenely organized.

That is Smartphone Nirvana. 

Merlin Dean is the host of Smartphone

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