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  Set up Bluetooth on iPhone 



Bluetooth Set Up for iPhone 

by Merlin Dean

One of the most common questions people ask me is if they can use their old Bluetooth with their new iPhone, and the answer is YES.

So if you have a bluetooth used back when you had a Blackberry, for instance, then you can definetely pair it up with your iPhone; provided you do ONE THING:

DELETE IT off your old device FIRST.

Then it is free to be re-paired... or remarried, if you're feeling romantic.

But I still recommend you start with a new Bluetooth that reflects the latest technology.

Just look on the package info for versions 2.0 or 2.1... like the new Plantronics model, they have greater range and clarity.

Let's Get Started

This part is so easy, you'll breeze right thru it...

The instructions I give you will work with both the Verizon and AT&T iPhone 4's.

These pairing instructions work the same whether you have an on-the-ear bluetooth, or the "speaker box" style bluetooth (they fit on visor of your car).

Once you take out your new bluetooth device, most of them already have enough charge in them to pair up and use for a few minutes, so don't worry about charging them yet.

Take the bluetooth out of the package, put it aside for now.

Get your iPhone ready.

On the iPhone Home page, find and tap the Settings icon (the 'gear' icon).

General - Seven lines down, go and Tap "General".

Bluetooth - Four lines down, Tap Bluetooth.

Turn ON Bluetooth to put in Search Mode.

Now you grab your bluetooth device.


You should see a Blinking Light, flashing as it enters Search Mode.

Grab you iPhone, and if the bluetooth is on, then you will see an abbreviation appear identifying the model of bluetooth it has found.

Simply Tap the model, i.e. Mototorola T215, and it will then ask for a PIN Number.

PIN Number - Always the same with all models (except in cars)... put in 0-0-0-0... four zeros.

Watch as the iPhone displays that the bluetooth is paired.

Put it on, and you are ready for testing. Make a test call to a friend, or listen to your visual voicemails, and adjust the volume levels.

After that, plug it in to fully power up; and congratulations -- you just avoided an expensive ticket from the police.

Merlin Dean is the host of Smartphone

© Poole of Knowledge 2017

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