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How to Prevent Text Pop-Ups on your iPhone




How to Close the Text Pop Up Window on your iPhone!

by Merlin Dean

It always happens at the wrong time: there you are in the most important business meeting, or family dinner, or public function, and somebody sends you an inappropriate text that pops up for everyone to see.

Here is a simple step to stop the pop-ups, while retaining the text for later...

Lets get started...

Go to Settings

Scroll down to "Messages" (the green icon)

Turn OFF Show Preview (to stop pop-up window)

You will not lose your texts! You'll be able to see them later.

To stop all texts from coming thru, then turn OFF MMS Messaging

When you're ready for pop-ups again, just turn the Show Preview back ON.

To learn how to extract revenge on your friend who sent you that embarrassing text, see iPhone Pranks for some devious ideas ;-))

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