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Turn-off the Data-Eating "Wi-Fi Assist"



by Merlin Dean

Perhaps this has happened to you... When I upgraded to the iPhone 6 last year I noticed a big increase in my data usage. So I had to bump up to another more expensive plan with my phone company.

Finally I found the culprit -- it's called "Wi-Fi Assist" and for some reason it is automatically turned on with any iPhone running iOS 9.

Wi-Fi Assist re-directs you off of wi-fi and into the money-grabbing data plan instead, without your knowledge.

The results are much larger levels of data plans needed.

So watch this video and learn how to turn this unknown feature off. If you're like me and you have a Family Plan with 3 lines running 10GB a month, you'll save substantially by moving down to a lower priced plan.

As an added bonus, I also reveal a secret Facebook feature that also runs up your iPhone bill.

Have fun saving money!


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