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How to Fix a Bad iPhone Signal 



Improve Your iPhone Reception

by Merlin Dean

If you live or drive by mountains and hills, past canyons, or just live too far from a cell tower -- then you might need cellular reseption help... here's some advice...

When you know you're going to be using your iPhone to make those all-important calls, then switch OFF the 3G/4G part of the iPhone -- to the EDGE network.

When your'e done with those calls and need to surf the web again, then turn the 3G/4G back ON. Simple as that. I'll show you how... 




See where it says ENABLE 3G or 4G?

Turn that OFF

Leave everything else alone.

You will notice on top of the iphone display that a big capitol "E" shows up next to the AT&T logo.

That's the sign that your'e on the EDGE Network.

EDGE is the old school AT&T voice network, and it isn't as crammed up with data users who are on the faster 3G network.

The voice quality and reception is vastly improved, especially on the iPhone 3G models.

You can still surf the web while on EDGE, but it's a little slower.

When you are done returning calls, then turn the 3G back ON and go back to your fast emails and web surfing.

If this remedy does not help, then you may need a new sim card.

Go to your local AT&T store and they can replace it free.

And if a new sim card doesn't work, then it's probably your iPhone is slightly damaged; either from that time you dropped it months ago, or from steam when you leave it in the bathroom while showering -- the condensation ruins your iPhone, sorry.

I know people who make so many important voice calls, that they just leave their iPhones on the EDGE Network all day.

When they need the web and emails, they tap 3G back on.

Try it -- it works.

Less stress... more Smartphone Nirvana...

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