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How to Set the Alarm, Clock and Timer for the iPhone




The Parking Ticket Killer 

What iPhone Alarm Secret insures

you never get a parking ticket again?

by Merlin Dean


Tap the CLOCK Icon from the front screen of your iPhone.

There is an ingeniously simple scroller for the Timer.

Choose hours or minutes.

When Timer Ends - Tap here to choose what ringtone or sound effect you prefer when time expires.

NOTE: Make sure to give yourself 5-10 extra minutes to get back to the meter in time, before Rita the Meter Maid gets there first.

Get out of the car, put your coins in the meter, then add the time to your iPhone clock.

So in theory, in about an hour you'll hear a sound or song go off from your iPhone, giving you the extra time needed to walk back to the vehicle without running like an insane person.

Anything is better than paying these enormous parking ticket rates. From $50-$150 or more!

Other Uses 

When you tap the Clock icon from the iPhone main screen, you are taken to a page with four choices on the bottom of the page:

World Clock - Here you list all the cities from around the country, the world, anywhere but Cupertino.

Edit - To add any city, tap the + add symbol.

The keyboard comes up, with a window that allows you to type in the name of the city. International or domestic.

For example, type in Las Vegas. Once you see it show up on the search list, tap it and it goes straight to the World Clock list.

To Delete Cupertino, for instance, tap Edit.

Tap red 'delete' circle.

Tap red Delete box

White-Faced clock means daytime in that region.

Black-faced clocks refer to night.

Alarm - To make sure you wake up on time, use the alarm clock. From the bottom of the screen, tap Alarm.

Next tap the + Add sign '+'

Next page gives you the following options:

Repeat - Example: If you only need to be awakened every Tuesday and Thursday morning, then tap repeat and you will choose what days you need this, so that you don't have to go repeating the process every other day.

Tap Back

Sound - Choose what ringtone or sound effect you prefer to be awakened by. The Sci-Fi and Trill are truly disturbing, and will wake you up instantly.

Tap Back

Snooze - Turn ON 

Label - Give this specific alarm time a label 'name'. If it's for your work schedule, you can write in Shawshank Prison, for instance. Just to remember.

Tap Save in upper right corner

Now you see the different alarm lists you can compile for each day.

Tap the add + icon to repeat process with various wake-up requests.

Stopwatch - More likely to use this while timing your friends in a beer drinking contest. Otherwise it will time the length of any event, from the moment you press Start. And it keeps going for hours until you shut it off, so don't forget...

Merlin Dean is the host of Smartphone

© Poole of Knowledge 2015