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So, your friend or family member finally listened to you and bought an iPhone? Great choice -- until they realize they don't know how to use it.

Please show them some love and refer them to these Smartphone Nirvana Video Guides.

These short how-to tutorials will show anyone how to setup and utilize every icon feature that comes with every iPhone. Beginners become advanced within minutes.  

Then you can all share some laughs by sending photos and funny videos back and forth to each other: "Look Grandma! A skateboarding monkey!" 

Even if you are an experienced iPhone user, we have plenty of tips and tricks to share. We're everything iPhone here in one source -- Enjoy!   

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Smartphone Nirvana was created to inform, help and support iPhone users on everything iPhone -- from beginners to experienced. 

Using these How-To video guides and articles, you can find the solution regarding any iPhone question in just minutes, and have fun doing it!

Pick and click a category. You will see a short, easy to follow video available with a short description on how to use that iPhone feature.

 These Smartphone Nirvana Video Manuals run down the left side of every web page. The hidden secrets of over 40 iPhone questions and categories revealed. You're bound to find something...

And you'll see it's real easy. Whether you use an AT&T iPhone, or a Verizon iPhone, or Sprint -- the Apple layout is always the same. 

No more wasting time, web surfing for iPhone support -- everything is right here in one place... 

Start browsing and enjoy! 

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